Our Team & Advisors

Parimal Shah

Chief Strategic Officer

15 years experience as financier and Merchant Banker
Successful Entrepreneur.

Neil Shah


Neil Shah, CEO, 15+ years of technology and business experience working at Accenture and Navigant Consulting. Has received an MBA from NYU Stern and BS in Computer Science from Rutgers University.

Raaj Rahhi

CEO of Movies and Web Series

Raaj Rahhi, CEO of Movies and Web Series, Is an innovative film, television, events director, and producer with more than 23 years of experience in global cinema. Has worked with Sony Pictures, Jackie Chan Production, Zee Network, Star TV Network, Time Warner, and HBO. Raaj studied film distribution and productions from NYU and post-graduate filmmaking from the Hollywood Film Institute.

Ruben Stir

CEO of Romania Operations

Ruben Stir, CEO of Romania Operations, Is a CEO of Agressano Models. Expert in holding pagents, fashion shows, and reality shows in Romania.

Surjoe Mukerjee

VP of Entertainment

Surjoi Mukerjee is the Member of legendary Mukerjee family. The respected name in Indian film industry who have produced number of movies, its in his vein!

Shiv Chauhan


Shiv Chauhan, CIO, has technology entrepreneurship experience delivering projects globally in both android and iOs systems. He has Masters in Computer Application from IME.

Rajesh Gupta

Tech Lead

Rajesh Gupta, Tech Lead, has years of senior project manager level experience delivering projects across android and iOs.

Sasi Golivi

Product Lead

Sasi Golivi, Product lead, is an engineering student at IIT Madras and our gateway to college students and younger millennials.

Steve Pipenger

Legal Advisor

Steve Pipenger, Cowie &Pipenger, LLP, New York. Has practiced law for nearly 14 years in addition to over 7 years of business experience in various industries.

Omer Haroon

Crypto/Equity Advisor

Omer has a solid tech background and is currently an ICO investor, Expert on ICO structure, token metrics, and overall growth of the project.


Mohammed Adil

Developer Intern

Adil - young student with Passion for Making life of people better, filled with fun and joy and keep them smiling



App and block chain developer

Shubham - App and block chain developer, wants to work for betterment of world!