Reward Economy Around Entertainment & Gaming. Live Quiz, Lotto, World's Best Talent Contest, Movies. Frequent Reward program @all Entertainment-Sports - Education, Travel- venues Phala Millionaire for Android & iOS


Phala Phala

The live, interactive QUIZ/Trivia show and live ATM LOTTO


Change Your life! First Prize JM $1 Million & 5 Million leading to encashment through in APP Purchases & or Equity/Fiat currency on listing at exchanges.

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Lotto - Cost millions to produce and distribute with rare chance to win - our ATM Lotto(free to play) - Creates value in Millions (subject to listing on Exchange) and fair chance to win!

Worlds' Best - Talent Competition with Million $ Opportunity, Million $ Contracts - MOVIES


Phala creates Crypto/Equity base economy & transactions around OLYMPICS of entertainment , gaming ( Quiz, Lotto, Talent competition)or visiting Entertainment & Sports & Education venues & Earning rewards and prizes, leading to in APP purchases or Equity/Crypto Holding and conversions into, Fiat (USD) currency after listing on Exchanges. This covers all apps. We dont trade any real cash ourselves.

The Company has operations spanning content finance and movies-web series, gaming production, business and consumer services and technology development and licensing.

Phala movies – Our movies will provide opportunities to all true story tellers and actors and crew to present themselves to Hollywood. The movie experience with real stories, human experience that resonates larger reality. Creating Indie Film Industry outside studio system, bringing back artistic freedom.

Phala – Get entertained, Get rewarded in Phala App and earn $JM. Phala/Equity content finance and production, predictive, skill-based AI based gaming businesses offer programmatic ownership of filmed entertainment assets to financial investors and the world as lead players.


Can be encashed against in-app purchases, through MoxyOne debitcard, or on exchanges upon listing.

Movies - Based On True Stories

The Scare (Horror/Thriller)
No Clue (Thriller)
The Heist 300 Million (Thriller)


Dedicated FANS will be gifted $ and various gifts like vacation, dinner, Car rental or lease and school fees or house/apt rentals and more from us, generously for their time and interest.

Use Cases

Engaged fans who enjoy features of our app will regularly be rewarded $JM/Equity by us. Encash it through In app purchases or Debitcard or on exchanges upon listing.

Our Team & Advisor
15 years experience as financier and Merchant Banker Successful Entrepreneur.
Chief Strategy Officer
Neil Shah, Group CEO, 15+ years of technology and business experience working at Accenture and Navigant Consulting. Has received an MBA from NYU Stern and BS in Computer Science from Rutgers University.
Neil Shah
Group CEO
Niken Wadkar
Kerul Shiravle, CTO.
Kerul Shiravle
M Burmawala (Chief Asst. Director, Abbas Mastan Films, Mumbai)
M Burmawala
Chief Astt. Director (Abbas Mastan Films)
Raaj Rahhi
Raaj Rahhi, CEO of Movies and Reality Shows, Is an innovative film, television, events director, and producer with more than 23 years of experience in global cinema. Has worked with Sony Pictures, Jackie Chan Production, Zee Network, Star TV Network, Time Warner, and HBO. Raaj studied film distribution and productions from NYU and post-graduate filmmaking from the Hollywood Film Institute.
Raaj Rahhi
CEO of Movies and Reality Shows
Ruben Stir, CEO of Romania Operations, Is a CEO of Agressano Models. Expert in holding pagents, fashion shows, and reality shows in Romania.
Ruben Stir
CEO of Romania Operations
Surjoi Mukerjee is the Member of legendary Mukerjee family. The respected name in Indian film industry who have produced number of movies, its in his vein!
Surjoi Mukerjee
VP of Entertainment
Sasi Golivi, Product lead, is an engineering student at IIT Madras and our gateway to college students and younger millennials.
Sasi Golivi
Product Lead
Steve Pipenger, Cowie &Pipenger, LLP, New York. Has practiced law for nearly 14 years in addition to over 7 years of business experience in various industries.
Steve Pipenger
Legal Advisor
Aayush Goyal
Aayush Goyal - Android developer, AI & Machine Learning Director.
Aayush Goyal
AI & Machine Learning Director
Nilesh Tarsariya
Nilesh Tarsariya - Web developer.
Nilesh Tarsariya
Web Developer
Chintan Chevli
Chintan Chevli - Android Developer.
Chintan Chevli
Android Developer
Kishor - IOS Developer.
IOS Developer
Shreyas - IOS Developer.
IOS Developer
Whats IEO?
A token offering IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), refers to the sale of tokens that can represent a company’s equity and thrives within a fully compliant trading ecosystem. Security token offerings create the high-demand for a system that allows functionalities and benefits that traditional stock market cannot provide.
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Contact Information
We are Creating Reward /Awards Base Stable Crypto/Equity Economy Around Entertainment & Gaming with Live Millionaire Quiz, Lotto & Talent Contest & Visiting Venues, for Young Generation.

Its all about Dreams coming true! -by making them part of Entertainment & Gaming, Education Our mission is to entertain and Rewards and Award. @Movie theater, Malls, Airports, Sports Venue, Concerts, and most importantly Rewards to STUDENTS at EDUCATION (Subsidize Tuition, Vacation, Laptop, Movie Tickets & More) Venues. We Provide opportunity to our Fans & Investors through our applications to Change their fortune by creating and sharing value worth Billions. And to Brands /Sponsors /Advertisers, real value of every penny they spend by providing Access to Data so right message, right offer reaches to end consumer when they are most receptive, so at right time!

The Bigger is Better really!

Movies are the heart of American, Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Latino culture. With the biggest budgets, best talent and blockbuster storytelling, its prime time, I've even programming every week.

You have been there. That 50 feet screen, HD Image, and surround sound create an all-encompassing experience in a captive environment -making it the most effective way to reach and engage the audience.No distraction, no remote, no DVR. Imagine if you could tap into that emotional connection right at the moment .oh wait you can!

who is watching your ads anymore ? A fragmented audience, declining reach, ad-skipping technology, here SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

Here we come in to picture - Our 360/Vr/AR non intrusive Advt in APP will be engaging !

Again we encourage Fans to go to movie theaters. Here also they will be fully focused on Advt.

Increase in sales at the concession stand and ticket counter and containing piracy.

With our Crypto reward system fans will earn and will be encouraged to visit movie theater more, help in increasing revenue at ticket sales counter and concession counter and of course help in containing the piracy.

We have always been drawn to the intrigue and drama that real life holds. Small events, big ones, a human experience that resonates with a larger reality. We are trying to revolutionize the way films are financed and made. Hollywood and Indian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic films, all are relationship driven.
Producers, crew, and True stories, sourced globally with practical budget. That will form the initial slate of Junomoneta coin. But the idea is to create a profitable indie film making industry, where creators can finance their films outside the studio system and retain artistic independence.
If we can enable independent Story tellers to truly follow their hearts... instead of having to fall back into pre-established algorithms of storytelling that we've heard and seen over and over, we can establish an entertainment industry that we want to see.
All the post production facilities will be created in side our office.
• GAMING - Live Quiz And LOTTO Crypto/Equity base
AI based (The first in the world), Crypto/Equity, Predictive-skill based gaming - while watching live on MOBILE
QUIZ- Live, Inspirational, engaging, Story telling by Participants and hosts. Big prizes and rewards
LOTTO- Live Lotto, more Chance to win Big Reward

Movies (Hollywood movies under pre production)
The SCARE - Horror/Thriller
No Clue - Kidnaping Thriller
The Heist 300 Million - Thriller

Download Phala app and watch trailers and movie and earn $JM (Junomoneta cryptocurrency)/Equity.
Phala Phala

Now on Your Phone, In your Palm of your hand, Phala Millionaire - Join the laughter, nerves & nail biting tension, Interactive Drama. Learn some secrets of Fashion, Acting, Diet, exercise from Our Anchors, Change your Life!
The Ultimate experience, the thrill of becoming Millionaire, Prove that you are smart!
Tease your brain and test your Movies & Sports knowledge!
Play with hundreds and thousand of people, the most fun quiz show in world. The Ultimate show down Begins June 2019!
Change Your life! First Prize 1 Million JM $ leading to encashment through in APP Purchases & or Equity /Fiat currency on listing.

1) World's Best, Talent competition, auditions


Download Phala app and watch trailers and movie and earn $JM (Junomoneta cryptocurrency)/Equity.
Phala Phala

Free to play Quiz Cricket special rules-terms and conditions.

1) The each and every fan must get minimum 5 engaged players of our APP, other wise they will be ineligible.
2) The car offered will be the cheapest - economic car.
3) KYC must be completed.
4) We dont take any money, transactions fees may apply.
5) The winner will have to buy the car either and must get approval of loan from leading bank or financial institution for 5 years period and We will pay installments for 5 years, directly to your dealer or Bank or recognized banking institution. No cash will be paid. After the completion of loan the qualified person will become owner. Down payment if any is to be paid by winner, we bear remaining installments only
6) Its necessary to be engaged user of our App during this period, and your referrals will have to be engaged user of APP for 6 months, any deviation will result in disqualification and discontinuation of payment of installments.

There will be draw in case of multiple winners and only 1 winner will be eligible. All will get $ JM rewards.