Junomoneta - Olympics of entertainment
Roadmap for the next 3 years

Aug 20, 18

Global reality show launch THE WORLDS BEST (US, India, UAE, Romania, CANADA, GULF MENA, Asia, China, HK, Singapore, Thailand, Africa, Europe, Hispanic countries. Aug 20 Movie Audition Launch

Oct, 18

Emobility App and Services will be launched in India and thereafter immediately in USA.

Nov, 18

Movie go in to Production THE SCARE release date Feb, 19

Jan 15, 19

Launch of predictive gaming solution – Club 7

Expansion in other countries and other parts of the above listed countries (TBD, and listing of Currency/Equity on exchanges APP are updated, New features will be added

Feb 15, 18

The Heist 300 million $ kick starts

2nd Quarter, 19

The Heist releases in theaters

Apr, 19

Electric Mobility expands to more cities in USA

May, 19

NO CLUE Movie go in to production. THE Scare goes to Theater release with Premier in LA

Jun, 19

NO CLUE Release in theaters And Worlds best Second season starts

Jul, 19

Apps Updates

Aug, 19

New features of Junomoneta are added

Aug 19

New features of Junomoneta are added

Jan 20

Expansion in other countries and launch of new movies and reality show