A stable crypto-economy around entertainment and gaming with gift-based reality shows and content monetization.
  • Viewer monetization
  • Movies production (The Scare under pre-production)
  • Liquidity worldwide
White Paper

About Junomoneta

Junomoneta creates earning opportunity by using Applications, which we will introduce over the period. Our truly global team consists of pioneers in entertainment industry. Our Current focus:

  • Pre-ICO starts July 5
  • Your World Reality Show audition starts July 5
  • The Scare (horror/thriller) global audition begins August 1

How it Works


Verified Content

We verify that all the content creators are highly qualified through initial endorsement process.


The Scare (Horror/Thriller), No Clue (Drama – based on true story), and The 300 Million Heist (Thriller – based on true story)


Engaging and non-intrusive advertisements will be in 360/VR and AR.


Our dedicated viewers also earn currency from us.

Reality Shows

Shows Olympic of Reality Shows on mobile where viewers are the judges, both participants and viewers earn, and with 1stprize as $10 Million JM (approx. $2.5 Million USD)


We display content including livestreaming on lockscreens of both iOs and android.

Multiple Monetization

Our content creators receive gifts from viewers and we match those gifts in our currency. Content in 360/VR and AR formats will receive extra $1000 JM from us.

Liquidity Currency

Liquidity Currency can be encashed against in-app purchases, through MoxyOne debit
card, or via exchanges upon listing.

Content Creator Monetization


Content creation account setup and Receive endorsements, basic gift


Create content and receive gifts


Junomoneta will match user gifts



Total accumulation will be in crypto

Use Cases

Reality Show participants

Content creators enroll in reality shows without any fees, win prizes, and gifts.

Content Creators

Users can generate engaging content regularly, either Livestream or upload, and engage viewers to receive gifts from them and those gifts will be matched by Junomoneta in crypto.


Engaged viewers that use the solution regularly and gift content creators will be rewarded tokens.


Pre-ICO begins July 5 / $1 USD = $4 JM / Total token creation 1 Trillion / Pre-ICO size $3 Mil USD / The 1st ICO to follow soon:25

Pre-ICO usage of funds: Movie production, team salary, system enhancements, marketing, storage costs

1st ICO details:

Initial ICO size $12,000,000
Associated milestone 6 Million downloads
Soft cap $5,000,000

Total Token

Total created token 500,000,0000

Token Allocations

Our Team & Advisors


30+ years of Financial Services/mobile experience and successful entrepreneur. Also has experience as merchant banker in India.

Parimal Shah

Chief Strategic Officer

Neil Shah, CEO, 15+ years of technology and business experience working at Accenture and Navigant Consulting. Has received an MBA from NYU Stern and BS in Computer Science from Rutgers University.

Neil Shah


Saranya Ananathakrishnan, Blockchain lead, has Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and instrumentation from Anna University, India. Interned at iNautix Tech Bank of New York’s subsidiary.

Saranya Ananathakrishnan

Blockchain lead


Shiv Chauhan, CIO, has technology entrepreneurship experience delivering projects globally in both android and iOs systems. He has Masters in Computer Application from IME.

Shiv Chauhan


Rajesh Gupta, Tech Lead, has years of senior project manager level experience delivering projects across android and iOs.

Rajesh Gupta

Tech Lead

Sasi Golivi, Product lead, is an engineering student at IIT Madras and our gateway to college students and younger millennials.

Sasi Golivi

Product lead

Ruben Stir, CEO of Romania Operations, Is a CEO of Agressano Models. Expert in holding pagents, fashion shows, and reality shows in Romania.

Ruben Stir

CEO of Romania Operations

Raaj Rahhi, CEO of Movies and Web Series, Is an innovative film, television, events director, and producer with more than 23 years of experience in global cinema. Has worked with Sony Pictures, Jackie Chan Production, Zee Network, Star TV Network, Time Warner, and HBO. Raaj studied film distribution and productions from NYU and post-graduate filmmaking from the Hollywood Film Institute.

Raaj Rahhi

CEO of Movies and Web Series


Steve Pipenger, Cowie &Pipenger, LLP, New York. Has practiced law for nearly 14 years in addition to over 7 years of business experience in various industries.

Steve Pipenger

Legal Advisor

Omer has a solid tech background and is currently an ICO investor, he has been involved in blockchain tech for two years. Expert on ICO structure, token metrics, and overall growth of the project.

Omer Haroon

Blockchain/Crypto Advisor

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20 School street
Piscataway Nj 08854